Exercise Science Major

The exercise science major at Mercyhurst University is designed to provide students with the necessary didactic competencies, proficiencies and experiences both academically and clinically in order for them to gain the necessary requirements and background to sit for two industry-leading credentialing examinations — the NSCA-CSCS and the ACSM-CPT.

The curriculum of Mercyhurst's exercise science major is designed to provide each student with opportunities to increase his/her clinical skill set. With a unique combination of the professional preparation from the exercise science major program and Mercyhurst's liberal arts approach to learning, students are taught to see the larger community picture and how the individual fits within the community to help create a caring and sustainable society. 

Mercyhurst students enrolled in the exercise science major will be taught how to demonstrate proficiency in the acquisition and utilization of clinical skills/motor skills pertaining to the care of the physically active population. In addition, students will have several opportunities to develop and use their clinical skills. These additional opportunities include serving as a strength consultant to the Mercyhurst community during both junior and senior years, as well as during a required 200-hour internship that is typically assigned in the summer after the student's junior year.

Exercise science majors at Mercyhurst must achieve and maintain an overall GPA of 2.65 or higher. An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher is strongly recommended should the student be interested in pursuing a graduate degree.