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Our view: appoint, don't elect, statewide judges

March 17, 2015. Erie Times-News

vid Wecht, Christine Dononue, Kevin M. Dougherty, John Henry Foradora, Anne E. Lazarus, Dwayne D. Woodruff. Do you recognize them? Or Correale Stevens, Anne Covey, Rebecca Warren, Mike George, Cheryl Allen or Judy Olson? (continue reading)

Poll: Erie County voters don't know state high court candidates

March 3, 2015. Erie Times-News

Erie County voters have issued a blank verdict when it comes to candidates for Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the May 19 primary....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst poll: wide support for Wolf in Pa

January 19, 2015. Philadelphia Inquirer

On the eve of Democrat Tom Wolf’s inauguration as governor, a new Mercyhurst University poll finds most Pennsylvania voters optimistic about his ability to solve the state’s problems, with broad support for his policy agenda....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst poll: Pennsylvania voters confident in Wolf's ability to lead

January 20, 2015. Erie Times-News

A majority of Pennsylvania voters -- 69 percent -- are confident in Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's ability to lead the state, according to a Mercyhurst University poll released Monday....(continue reading)

Kelly leads LaVallee by 20 points in Mercyhurst poll

October 28, 2014. Erie Times-News

Despite low polling numbers for Congress, voters in the 3rd Congressional District could be on the verge of electing U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly to a third term….(continue reading)

During debate, Corbett hits on a new strategy

September 29, 2014. Philadelphia Inquirer

"Where's the beef?"  That was the question underdog candidate Walter Mondale borrowed from a Wendy's ad to skewer front-runner Gary Hart and his airy "new ideas" in a 1984 presidential debate….(continue reading)

Mercyhurst poll: Corbett's job approval ratings stay low

April 8, 2014. Erie Times-News

Another poll shows more bad news for Gov. Tom Corbett's re-election chances….(continue reading)

Mercyhurst Center: Pennsylvanians Support Marijuana Legalization

Febuary 28, 2014. PoliticsPa

The Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics found that Pennsylvanians support the legalization of marijuana, 48% to 42%....(continue reading)

Majority of PA Voters Oppose Arming Teachers, Support Gun Restrictions

February 11, 2013.  Philadelphia Inquirer

Pennsylvania voters say no to guns in the classroom and generally support President Obama's gun control measures….(continue reading)

Mercyhurst Poll:  Most Pa. Voters Don’t Want to Arm Teachers

February 11, 2013.  Erie Times News

A new Mercyhurst University poll shows a majority of Pennsylvania's registered voters oppose arming schoolteachers….(continue reading)

Mercyhurst Poll: PA Republicans Support Fiscal Cliff Compromise

December 17, 2012.  Politics Pa

Pa. Republican voters think the GOP and President Obama should compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff, a new poll shows. They’re split as to why Romney lost and who is the GOP’s national leader….(continue reading)

Dr. Joseph Morris Discusses MCAP’s Most Recent Poll Regarding the Fiscal Cliff


Obama Up by 8 Points in New Mercyhurst U Poll

September 24, 2012.  Philadelphia Inquirer

President Obama has a solid lead over Republican Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania with just over six weeks to go in the campaign, according to a new Mercyhurst University poll of likely voters released Monday….(continue reading)

Obama and Casey Hold Comfortable Leads in Latest Mercyhurst Poll

September 24, 2012.  Harrisburg Patriot News

Democrats President Barack Obama and U.S. Bob Casey Jr. continue to hold comfortable leads in Pennsylvania over their respective Republican rivals, according to a Mercyhurst University poll released today....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst Poll:  Obama Holds 8-Point Lead in Pa

September 24, 2012

Pennsylvania's reputation as a swing state could be in jeopardy. That's one conclusion that can be drawn from a newly released poll of likely voters statewide, conducted by Mercyhurst University's Center for Applied Politics….(continue reading)

Mercyhurst Unveils Center for Academic Engagement

August 16, 2012

Everything was in pristine condition Wednesday for the formal unveiling of Mercyhurst University's new Center for Academic Engagement.....(continue reading)

Will Pennsylvania Dash Santorum's Political Dreams (Again)?

April 4, 2012. NPR

After going 0-for-3 in Tuesday's presidential primaries, a defiant Rick Santorum dismissed calls to drop out and predicted he'll win the next contest in his home state of Pennsylvania on April 24....(continue reading)

Romney hits the trifecta in primaries

April 4, 2012. Toledo Blade

Mitt Romney's sweep of three primary contests on Tuesday strengthened his grasp on the Republican nomination while his chief but weakened rival, Rick Santorum, vowed to fight on in the state he represented in Congress....(continue reading)

Another poll says Romney gained ground in Pa.

April 4, 2012. Scranton Times-Tribune

As the latest round of Republican presidential primaries wound up Tuesday, the third poll in a week showed former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum in a close race against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania....(continue reading)

Poll the third to show Santorum’s slim lead in PA

April 3, 2012. WITF, Harrisburg

The new survey is the third in a week to show a neck-and-neck race leading up to the April 24th primary....(continue reading)

MCAP Poll: Santorum Losing Momentum in PA

April 3, 2012. PoliticsPA

Erie – Rick Santorum’s lead over Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania has slipped to six points, according to the latest poll by the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics (MCAP)....(continue reading)

New Poll Shows Santorum's Lead Slipping

April 3, 2012. Essential Public Radio

The latest poll in the run-up to Pennsylvania’s April 24 primary shows Rick Santorum with a smaller lead over Mitt Romney among Republicans in the state compared to two weeks ago....(continue reading)

Three more GOP contests today

April 3, 2012. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It has been a while since Rick Santorum actually voted in Pennsylvania, but tonight, for the second time in as many weeks, he'll be waiting for a round of crucial Republican presidential primary results in the state he represented in Congress....(continue reading)

Santorum looks to Pa. as battle rages on for delegates

April 3, 2012. Toledo Blade

PITTSBURGH -- It's been a while since Rick Santorum actually voted in Pennsylvania, but for the second time in as many weeks he'll be waiting for a round of crucial primary results in the state he previously represented in Congress....(read more)

New polls find Santorum's popularity in Pa. dimming

April 3, 2012. Newsworks, WHYY

A new voter survey finds Rick Santorum has a six-point lead over Mitt Romney among likely Republican voters in Pennsylvania -- 41 to 35 percent...(continue reading)

Democrats planning Pennsylvania push before primary

April 2, 2012. Philadelphia daily News

As the Republican presidential race moves to Pennsylvania, Democrats are hoping to grab a little of the spotlight to counter the bashing of President Obama that has been the dominant theme of the opposition party's nomination battle....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst University poll: Santorum's lead with state's Republicans shrinking

April 2, 2012. Erie Times-News

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has lost ground with voters in his home state as the April 24 primary draws near, according to a new Mercyhurst University poll....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst Poll Gives Santorum Edge in Pennsylvania


Local election coverage highlights results of recent poll by the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics (MCAP), which focuses on the Pennsylvania Republican Primary Election.

The Women’s Vote

March 15, 2012, WJET-TV, Erie, Pa.

Local election coverage highlights results of recent poll by the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics (MCAP), which focuses on the women’s vote in Pennsylvania. Here WJET anchor Kim Thomas interviews MCAP Director Dr. Joseph Morris about the poll.

State women generally like Obama

February 1, 2012, Wilkes Barre Citizens Voice

When it comes to what they want in a president, Pennsylvania women think fairly highly of President Barack Obama, according to a new poll released this week....(continue reading)

Polled Penna. women favor Obama over Romney

January 31, 2012 Philadelphia Inquirer

HARRISBURG - A new political poll suggests that Pennsylvania women value brains over a bank account in a presidential candidate....(continue reading)

Obama maintains solid support among Pennsylvania women

January 31, 2012, Patriot-News

Though most Pennsylvania women feel the nation and the economy are on the wrong track, they would rather keep President Barack Obama in the White House than replace him with GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney, according to a new poll released by Mercyhurst College’s Center for Applied Politics....(continue reading)

Pa. women have words for Obama, Romney

January 31, 2012 Early Returns, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

What words come to mind when Pennsylvania women are asked about President Obama and potential Republican challenger Mitt Romney? (continue reading)

Poll: Obama leads Romney among Pa women

January 31, 2012, Politicspa

Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 44 to 36 percent among Pennsylvania woman, a recent poll has found. Romney was the only Republican candidate tested....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst survey: female voters prefer Obama to Romney, say U.S. economy on wrong track

January 31, 2012, ErieTimes-News

Female voters surveyed recently by Mercyhurst University said they believe the U.S. economy is on the wrong track, and that they prefer Democratic President Barack Obama to Republican Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential race....(continue reading)

Q & A with Joe Morris about political polls

January 9, 2012, Erie Times-News

Joseph Morris, the director of the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics at Mercyhurst College, knows a little about political science. He has three degrees in the field, including a doctorate from Idaho State University. He's putting that knowledge to work at Mercyhurst, where he's also an associate professor of political science ....(continue reading)

Environment and Pennsylvania: The Fracking Question

December 1, 2011 Roll Call

On a cool and sunny day in the middle of last month, the head of the Sierra Club’s Pennsylvania chapter stepped to a microphone on the steps of Penn State’s Old Main to warn a group of 100 protesters about the environmental dangers created by the recent surge in natural gas drilling across the state....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst survey shows Pennsylvanians are concerned about cyberbullies

October 27, 2011, Erie Times-News

A majority of Pennsylvanians see cyberbullying as more harmful to children and teenagers than traditional face-to-face bullying, and they would like to see parents take more responsibility, according to a survey by the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics....(continue reading)

Poll on economy and gas drilling -- your thoughts?

October 17, 2011, WITF, Harrisburg

A new poll conducted by Mercyhurst College in Erie finds the majority of Pennsylvanians believe the nation's economy si poor and more than one in five says they are falling behind....(listen to interview)

Our view: Poll on poverty yields wealth of results

October 23, 2011, Erie Times-News

A statewide poll by Mercyhurst College confirms what many of us know in our guts and our hearts -- things are tough all over. The poll by the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics found that almost one in four respondents said that someone in their household has lost a job in the past year; two out three people surveyed have family members or friends who are out of work. The survey of 426 Pennsylvania residents took place between Sept. 19 and Oct. 7....(continue reading)

Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Pennsylvanians “making just enough money to get by”

October 12, 2011, Lancaster Intelligencer

Sound familiar? Nearly six in 10 Pennsylvanians say they are making just enough money to get by, while almost one in four are “falling behind,” according to a new statewide survey from the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics at Erie’s Mercyhurst College....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst poll finds Pa. residents down on economy

October 12, 2011, Erie Times-News

Pennsylvania residents think the nation's economy is in bad shape. A new poll from the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics at Mercyhurst College finds that an overwhelming 96 percent of Pennsylvanians rate the nation's economy as poor or not so good....(continue reading)

Poll shows economy crimping people's lifestyles

October 12, 2011, Scranton Times-Tribune

Majorities of Pennsylvanians are struggling to get by financially and say jobs are hard to find and the slump has significantly altered their lifestyles, a new poll released Tuesday shows. The Mercyhurst Poll shows state residents are critical of President Barack Obama's and Congress' efforts to fix the economy, but remain even more critical of President George W. Bush....(continue reading)

Poll shows support of natural gas drilling - Shale 'fracking' in state forests, parks opposed

October 11, 2011, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

HARRISBURG -- Most Pennsylvanians support using "fracking" to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, according to a new survey. Respondents to the Mercyhurst College poll gave a thumbs-up in only slightly smaller numbers than those asked about the issue in other polls. Those contacted, however, also said they disapprove of gas drilling in state forests and parks and expressed significant concerns about the safety of water resources....(continue reading)

Erie college poll shows impact of hard times on Pa. residents

October 11, 2011, Philadelphia Inquirer

From a little college in the far northwest corner of the state come new measurements of something large: the impact of hard times on ordinary Pennsylvanians. In just their second year of polling, researchers at Mercyhurst College, a Catholic liberal arts school in Erie, came up with questions meant to gauge the recession's kitchen-table impact....(continue reading)

Forum: Let's talk constructively

June 3, 2011, Erie Times-News

The familiar signs of spring have arrived: orange construction cones, road crews and traffic delays. As the old joke suggests, there are two seasons in this region: winter and road construction. Even in hard times, most of us are grudgingly happy to see our tax money used to pave roads, replace worn sewer pipes or repair bridges. Such activities represent ongoing investments to sustain a vibrant, livable community....(continue reading)

Our View: Invest your 'Social Capital' in Erie

May 31, 2011, Erie Times-News

We're civic-minded and faith-filled, but we can use a nudge to get more involved in helping Erie to reach its full potential. That's one conclusion we've drawn from a study for the Erie Vital Signs project, which tracks eight key indicators to see how Erie compares to other communities and to monitor whether Erie is making progress in areas such as education, health care and cultural opportunities, for instance....(continue reading)

Erie County 'Socially Healthy'

May 19, 2011, WICU

WICU reports on the results of the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics/Erie Community Foundation social capital study.

Study: Erie County residents social, but could improve on civic participation

May 18, 2011, Erie Times-News

Erie County residents are exceptionally social and trusting people with strong faith-based participation. But the community lags when it comes to attending public-affairs meetings, signing political petitions and marching in civic rallies. Those were some of the key findings revealed Tuesday in a study commissioned by the Erie Vital Signs project, which monitors progress and measures trends in several of the region's critical issues....(continue reading)

Some Erie region voters don't know Palin, other well-known politicians

October 21, 2010, Erie Times-News

Sarah Palin, Ed Rendell and Arlen Specter register on various points of the ideological political spectrum. But they have something in common when it comes to registered voters in the 3rd Congressional District: Some of them, believe it or not, don't know the politicians' names....(continue reading)

Poll of Pennsylvania's Third Congressional District

See the results of the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics/Erie Times-News poll on;;; and New York Times, FiveThirtyEight Forecasts.

Mercyhurst College/Erie Times-News poll debuts

October 10, 2010, Erie Times-News

U.S. Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper trails Republican challenger Mike Kelly in her bid for re-election in the 3rd Congressional District, the inaugural Mercyhurst College/Erie Times-News poll shows. The telephone poll of 634 randomly selected registered voters in the district, taken from Sept. 22 to Tuesday, shows Kelly leading Dahlkemper, 44 percent to 37 percent, with 12 percent still undecided....(continue reading)

Mercyhurst Minute

September 20, 2010, Mercyhurst College

A weekly video series featuring stories from the Mercyhurst College campus.

Mercyhurst College/Erie Times-News polling starts this week

September 19, 2010, Erie Times-News

If you follow Pennsylvania political polls, you've probably heard of the ones run by Quinnipiac University and Franklin & Marshall College. They're in Connecticut and Lancaster respectively, but a new political polling place is being launched right here at home....(continue reading)

Poll: Voters would choose any Dem over Corbett

October 10, 2013, Philadelphia Inquirer

There was more bad poll news this week for Gov. Corbett: One found that most voters would take any Democrat over the sitting governor…. (continue reading

Poll finds plenty of Pa. pessimism on the economy, fracking, and Corbett

October 7, 2013 Harrisburg Patriot News

Pennsylvanians are pessimistic about the economy, marginally more cautious about fracking, and seem more willing to vote for an unnamed Democrat than keep Republican Gov. Tom Corbett for a second term, according to a new poll from Mercyhurst University….(continue reading)

Generic Dem Beats Corbett

October 7, 2013, politicspa

A new independent poll found sour attitudes among Pennsylvania residents about the economy and political leadership in Harrisburg and Washington, DC….(continue reading)

Mercyhurst polling becomes increasingly influential

October 5, 2013, Erie Times-News

Mercyhurst University political science professor Joe Morris decided in 2010 to start some on-campus political polling to give his students some practical experience….(continue reading)

Poll: Half of registered voters approve of Kasich's performance

November 22, 2013.  Dayton Daily News

Despite Ohio's faltering economy and rising unemployment numbers, 50 percent of registered voters approve of the job Republican John Kasich is doing as governor, according to a new poll released Friday by Mercyhurst University....(continue reading)

Kasich, Fitzgerald play economic blame game

November 25, 2013.  Cincinnati Examiner

Ohio’s economy has stagnated, with months of above-average jobs growth turning into months of status quo....(continue reading)

Gov. John Kasich gets good marks for job performance from half of voters in new poll

November 22, 2013.  Cleveland Plain Dealer

A poll of registered voters in Ohio found half approve of the job Gov. John Kasich is doing, but that they are generally displeased by the performance of those in Washington....(continue reading

Gas drilling may not be top issue for voters in Pa. governor’s race

November 18, 2013.  State Impact (NPR)

The contributions of Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennsylvania from jobs to environmental impacts are still widely debated. But according to an Associated Press report, a recent poll shows it may not be the primary issue for voters in the 2014 gubernatorial race...(continue reading

Poll finds plenty of Pa. pessimism on the economy, fracking, and Corbett

October 7, 2013.  Harrisburg Patriot News

Pennsylvanians are pessimistic about the economy, marginally more cautious about fracking, and seem more willing to vote for an unnamed Democrat than keep Republican Gov. Tom Corbett for a second term, according to a new poll from Mercyhurst University....(continue reading)

Poll:  Voters would chose any Dem over Corbett

October 8, 2013....Philadelphia Herald

There was more bad poll news this week for Gov. Corbett: One found most voters would take any Democrat over the sitting governor. The poll from Mercyhurst University in Erie found 40 percent would support an unnamed Democrat in next year's gubernatorial race, while 29 percent would vote for Corbett....(continue reading)