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Neuroscience Concentration

The neuroscience concentration is an interdisciplinary program administered by the Biology and Psychology Departments. Neuroscience is the study of the structure, organization, and function of the nervous system. Only in recent decades has neuroscience become a recognized discipline. It is now a unified field that integrates biology, chemistry, and physics with studies of structure, physiology, and behavior, including human emotional and cognitive functions. This is an exciting field of study with great potential for new discoveries and rewarding careers.

Core Courses

Bio 140/141 Cell Biology
Bio 144/145 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Bio 450 Neurobiology
Psyc 101 Introduction to Psychology
Pscy 252 Biopsychology

Choose five of the following:

Bio 310/311 Genetics
Bio 320/321 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Bio 330/331 Immunology
Bio 344/345 Human Physiology
Bio 370/371 Cellular Biology
Bio 430 Molecular Biology
Psyc 211 Abnormal Psychology
Psyc 237 Memory and Cognition
Psyc 253 Drugs and Human Behavior