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Applied Forensic Sciences

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The Applied Forensic Sciences Department includes an Undergraduate Bachelor of Sciences Degree program as well as a Graduate Certificate program and Master of Science in Anthropology program which have a primary focus on Forensic and Biological Anthropology. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs present state-of-the-art techniques in forensic sciences and forensic biological anthropology in the classroom, and provide a variety of practical, hands-on opportunities both in the field and in the laboratory.

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A degree from Mercyhurst prepares you for this exciting and dynamic career.

Concentration(s) Forensic Anthropology Concentration
  Criminalistics/ Forensic Biology Concentration
  Forensic Chemistry Concentration

Ready to begin your journey in forensics?  Apply online today -- it's free and getting your application started takes only a few brief minutes.  Interested students may also consult the course catalog for more information.  As a liberal arts institution, all undergraduate students complete Mercyhurst's core curriculum

The Mercyhurst University Department of Applied Forensic Sciences offers a multi--‐disciplinary major dedicated to educating students in matters related to science, forensic science, society and the law. Students receive a solid natural science education, bolstered by the thematic forensic science courses. The program advances the student' knowledge of science-based forensic fields of study by advocating critical thinking and problem--‐solving skills. Classroom learning is strengthened by strong, hands--‐on components of many courses. The Applied Forensic Sciences Department stresses the importance of reasonable and ethical behavior in regard to the field of forensic science to all members of the department; faculty, staff and students.

  • Ability to identify, collect, analyze and interpret forensic evidence
  • Critically analyze and interpret past and current research in the forensic sciences
  • Display comprehensive scientific writing skills

Dennis Dirkmaat Ph.D., D.A.B.F.A Director, Department of Applied Forensic Sciences, Director, Master of Science in Anthropology: Forensic and Biological Anthropology Concentration, Director, Forensic Anthropology Summer Short Course Programs Office: Zurn 119A Phone: (814) 824-2105

Luis Cabo-Perez M.S. Director, Forensic and Bioarchaeology Laboratory, Director, Graduate Student Research, Department of Applied Forensic Sciences Office: Zurn 119C Phone: (814) 824-2981

Steven Symes D.A.B.F.A. Associate Professor, Applied Forensic Sciences and Anthropology, Department of Applied Forensic Sciences Office: Zurn 119B Phone: (814) 824-3369