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Graduates can make sure they look their best at graduation (and in the photos and videos of the event) by following these guidelines.


  • Wear a lightweight dress, either classic black or a color of your choice, or a skirt and blouse
  • Make sure your dress or skirt isn’t longer than your academic gown
  • Consider wearing a dress or skirt with a pocket
  • Choose plain black flats or low heels like those you’d wear to a business interview. You will be walking a lot, including up and down metal stairs at Erie Insurance Arena, and they’ll be easier on your feet than higher heels
  • Keep your jewelry simple
  • Do not wear a suit jacket under academic attire
  • Do not wear corsage on your robe


  • Wear dark dress pants (black, gray or navy)
  • Solid-colored long-sleeve shirt
  • Dark dress shoes and dark socks
  • Tie
  • Do not wear a suit coat under academic attire