Mercyhurst 2020

The Mercyhurst of 2020

(from the President’s convocation address August 31, 2010)

In 2020 Mercyhurst University will be a broad, eclectic, vibrant Catholic university with a top-notch, highly residential, baccalaureate liberal arts college of 2,600 students at its heart.

The College of Baccalaureate Studies – aka Mercyhurst College - will grow in quality and reputation to serve as the essential foundation to the broader institutional identity. The strong academic reputation of Mercyhurst College will promote the capacity of the other entities in the university to provide excellent education as well as to generate revenue for the university as a whole.

Mercyhurst University 2020 will contain a dozen undergraduate programs with strong regional reputations and a half dozen with national reputations, it will have 10 or so graduate programs with a total of at least 600 graduate students, it will likely have two or three doctoral programs, and it may even have a boutique law school, focused perhaps on environmental law.

The graduate and undergraduate programs will be designed to mutually strengthen and reinforce each other. Graduate students will never teach undergraduate courses.

Mercyhurst University graduates will be noted not only for what they know, but also for what they can do and what they have done.

This vision gives rise to some priorities.
Priorities over the next 10 years:

  • Build and sustain excellent academic programs that move easily from theory to practice, from book to bench, from campus to community, from the gates to the globe
  • Build excellent academic facilities designed to accomplish student and faculty engagement and hands-on learning opportunities
  • Promote an open, hospitable and engaging environment that fosters curiosity, intellectual, social, ethical and spiritual growth and an appreciation for the dignity of work
  • Create an environment that demonstrates a full measure of regard for the liberal arts, aesthetics, beauty and graciousness
  • Create athletic, residential, dining and other facilities that meet student needs, are clean and functional


Cummings Gallery
Art Faculty Show

Dates: Aug 21-Sep 28, 2014

Location: Cummings Gallery

William Close and The Earth Harp Collective
William Close and The Earth Harp Collective

Dates: Sep 5

Location: Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center

Anais Mitchell
Anaïs Mitchell

Dates: Sep 30

Location: Erie Art Museum

Mercyhurst North East