Follow these guidelines and suggestions for recycling to start making a difference today.


  • Recycling saves energy, resources, and waste, and it reduces pollution.
  • Although we have retained separate bins in hallways of academic buildings, all recyclable materials may now be mixed into single containers for disposal. This is especially important in student housing and in offices, where we have only a single bin for recyclables.
  • Students are required to collect their recyclable materials in the single bin provided to them and deposit them in nearby recycling dumpsters marked “RECYCLING ONLY.”
  • Students: see your RA for bags for your recycling bin.
  • Employees: call Larry Kerr at ext. 2045 if you need a recycling bin.

  • The following materials are recyclable:
  • Glass bottles and jars: clear, brown, and green. Rinsed and unbroken. DO NOT include window glass, drinking glasses, or light bulbs.
  • Metal food or beverage cans: all types, rinsed. Crushed or uncrushed.
  • Plastics: numbers 1 through 7 (look on the bottom), including lids. Rinse thoroughly, crushed or uncrushed. NO styrofoam.
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard such as cereal and food boxes, beverage cartons, egg cartons and paper bags. NO wax coated boxes or pizza boxes.
  • Paper: all grades and colors, such as junk mail, envelopes, writing, typing, wrapping and computer paper. NO paper towels or napkins.
  • Consider establishing a compost container for coffee grounds and vegetable waste in your area.
  • Recycle ink jet cartridges: separate boxes are located in the following areas: Preston Mailroom, Hermann Student Union, Hammermill Library, Zurn 1st Floor, Hirt second floor. Please use them. The Green Team earns up to $4 for each ink jet cartridge that is recycled.
  • Recycle phone books from November-January. Separate bins provided. Feel free to bring your phone books from home. This is a great project, as it earns money for the Second Harvest Food Bank. In addition, Erie Energy Products converts the phone books into home insulating material.
  • Faculty : Whenever possible, use Blackboard, email and Library Electronic Reserve as a means of reducing paper use.
  • Students : We need you to help make the program a success. Let us know if you can help, or if you have ideas on how we can strengthen the recycling program at Mercyhurst.


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