Shelly Freyn

Shelly Freyn Education and Academic Interests

Shelly Freyn is an assistant professor of business working for both the Walker School of Business and the Department of Intelligence Studies. Shelly teaches marketing, management and competitive intelligence courses along with responsibilities for the Business Intel internship program.

Shelly holds a B.S. from Cornell University in food science and technology, a post baccalaureate certificate in marketing fromMercyhurst University and an M.B.A. in marketing/management from Saint Bonaventure University. Shelly also has been working on a D.B.A . in marketing at Cleveland State University. Her research at CSU has included papers on new marketing techniques for the retail industry and the food industry’s impact on society. Currently, she is collaborating on a paper investigating the effect of imports on food safety. Shelly also conducted market research at CSU’s strategic business unit working on projects ranging from alternative energy sources for fuel cells to competitive analysis of the automotive parts industry.

Shelly is on the business advisory board for Westfield High School and the executive board for Cooperstown Cookie Company.


Animated At-Retail Marketing Displays: Technological Advances, a Conceptual Model, and Research Propositions
Functional Food Products: Issues and Implications for Society and Firms

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