Marlene Cross

Marlene Cross


Ph.D., West Virginia University

M.S., West Virginia University

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Favorite Course in College

Greenhouse Management

Courses Taught

Bio 140 Cell Biology
Bio 144 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Bio 148 Organismal Biology
Bio 150 Human Biology
Bio 210 Botany
Bio 310 Genetics

Sci 310 Methods in Science Education

Student Research Opportunities

She is currently accepting dependable, organized undergraduate students to aid her in performing research. The student work will focus on literature reviews, writing, making culture media, fieldwork involving the growth and planting of plants, and culturing bacteria and fungi in the laboratory setting. This research experience will offer the student biological volunteer laboratory and field work experience, student independent study course credit, and possible funding when available.


Students who succeed in class are ones who study the material on a daily basis, make connections with the material, attend class, and take good notes. Dr. Cross recommends that students who take her classes study four to five hours per week outside of class.