Larry Gauriloff

Larry Gauriloff


Post Doctorate, Cellular Development, The University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Ph.D., Botany, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

B.A., Biology, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

Courses Taught

Bio 110/111 Plant Science/Lab (HRIM/core)
Bio 130/131 General Biology
Bio 140/141 Cell Biology
Bio 148/149 Organismal Biology
Bio 180/181 Microorganisms (dietetics/nursing/core)
Bio 200/201 Microbiology
Bio 202 Health Career Seminar
Bio 210/211 Botany
Bio 294 Parasitology
Bio 310/311 Genetics
Bio 312/313 Microbial Genetics
Bio 330/331 Immunology
Bio 366 Research Design
Bio 370/371 Cellular Biochemistry
Bio 410/411 Microbial Ecology
Bio 422/423 Mycology
Bio 430/431 Molecular Biology
Bio 466 Biology Thesis
Bio 474 Biology Practicum
Bio 490 Biology Research I
Bio 492 Biology Research II
Bio 494 Biology Seminar
Bio 466 Senior Research

Hmg 282 Turf Grass Management I (HRIM)
Hmg 382 Turf Grass Management II (HRIM)

Also MCAT preparation course


Microorganisms of Tumors of Brown Bullhead Catfish
Clostridium botulinum Type E Epizootic Studies
Topical Herbal Solution for Topical Infections
Fungal and Bacterial Surveys of Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie
Fungal Mitochondrial DNA Analyses and Comparisons
Microbial Ecology of:

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Presque Isle Beaches
  • Oral Cavities
  • Laboratory Animal Rooms
  • Human Pathogens

Quantitative Techniques using Antibodies
Carcinogenic Studies of Foods, Beverages and Supplements
Genetic Inheritance Patterns in Llamas
Microbe ID from Archeological and Anthropological/Forensic Samples

Select publications:

Gauriloff LP and PR Flanagan. (in progress-2013) Surveys of Fleshy Basidiocarps of Presque Isle, (Erie County), PA. PA Academy of Science.

Campbell JM and LP Gauriloff. (2002). Re-emergence of avian botulism Type E in the North American Great Lakes. Chapter in Wildlife Diseases. Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences, 2003.

Bendich AJ and LP Gauriloff. (1982). Morphometric analysis of Cucurbit mitochondria: relationship of genome size to mitochondrial volume in higher plants. Protoplasma, 119(1), 1-7.

Gauriloff LP, RJ Delay and MS Fuller. (1980). Comparative ultrastructure and biochemistry of Chytridiomycetous fungi and the future of the Harpochytridiales. Canadian Journal of Botany, 58, 2098-2110.


2006: “The Comparative Distribution and Abundance of Species of Fleshy Fungi on Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA, from 1995 and 2005-2006” Regional Science Consortium 2nd Annual Research Symposium

2003: ”Potential Use of Fungi as Biological Weapons”
Symposium on Fungal Bioterrorism*
Mercyhurst College Special Session

2001: "Distribution of Avian Botulism Type E In Lake Erie Waters"
with Dr. J. Michael Campbell
PA Sea Grant Avian Botulism Workshop

2000: "Stem Cells as Necessary Tools in Medical and Basic Research"
Mercyhurst College Philosophy Symposium

1999: Presentations at the 75th Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, Pocono Manor, PA

"The Effect of Snuff on the Types and Amounts of Bacteria Found in the Mouth"
with T. Bacik and K. Machesky

"Epidemiological Study of Streptococcus pyogenes"
with L. Kiriluk and R. Iacuzzo

"The Effects and Analysis of Syphytum officinale Added to the Ames Test with Salmonella typhimurium TA98"
with C. Shores and J. Thompson.

"Determining the Cause of Eye Color in Llama Using DNA Fingerprinting and Melanin Contents in Ocular Tissues"
with P. E. Williams.

1997: Presentations at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, Malvern, PA

"Investigation of Cause of Syrian Hamster Deaths in Animal Rooms"
with B. Ash and J. Kociban

"Basidiomycetous Fungi of Presque Isle: A Survey From 1988 to 1996"
with P. R. Flanagan


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