Kristan J. Wheaton

Wheaton Education and Academic Interests

An assistant professor within the Institute, he holds a J.D. from the University of South Carolina, an M.A. in Russian and East European Studies from Florida State University and a B.B.A . in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame. He is a retired Foreign Area Officer from the US Army who specializes in national security matters.

Courses Taught

Professor Wheaton teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses within the Department of Intelligence Studies. Past and present courses include:
Graduate Intelligence Communications (onsite and online)
INTL 510: Intelligence Theories and Applications (onsite and online)
Advanced Analytic Techniques (onsite and online)
Managing Strategic Intelligence
INTL 680: Thesis in Applied Intelligence
RIAP 177: Introduction to Intelligence Analysis
RIAP 178: Advanced Intelligence Analysis RIAP 275: Writing for Intelligence Strategic Intelligence

Research Projects and Publications

Professor Wheaton has worked on a number of intelligence contracts and grants within the Mercyhurst University Institute for Intelligence Studies (as well as a number of pro bono projects) and has an extensive list of publications.
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