Keiko Takioto Miller

Keiko Takioto Miller Education

Master's in French from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee in 1976.
Bachelor of Arts in French/Secondary Education from State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1972.

Transcultural Experience

Native of occupied rural "Back Japan"
Began acculturating to American life in New York City in 1962
Further acculturation during the 60's Cultural Revolution
Bilingual and Francophone experiences in Cajun Louisiana and Dijon, France, and with the post-Vietnamese refugees
Coming full circle developing and teaching Asian cultures and language


"One Cell, Symbiosis, and the Buddha's Broken Karmic Wheel" in Buddha and Animality, David Jones, ed. Freemon, CA: Asian Humanities Press, 2007.
In Process: a manual for teaching Far Eastern calligraphy to non-ideographic script users.

Professional Organizations
International Conference for Eastern Calligraphy Education (ICECE)
Mid-Atlantic Association for Asian Studies (MAR/AAS)
Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP)

Personal Profile

As a mother of a son born in 1980 and daughter born in 1984 of an international marriage, I understand the importance of cultivating dynamic individuals well-rooted in one's own being in a rapidly changing global arena. My memberships in the Board of Trustees for the International Institute of Erie, Asia-Pacific American Forum of Erie and the Karma Kagyu Dharma Study Center of Erie as well as my contribution in the outreach program, National Consortium for Teaching Asia (NCTA), are but a small means of repaying my gratitude for her participation and growth in the free world.