J. Michael Campbell


Ph.D., Texas A&M

M.S., Texas A&M

B.A., East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Favorite course in college


Courses taught

Bio 144 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Bio 148 Organismal Biology
Bio 230 Invertebrate Zoology
Bio 292 Field Ecology
Bio 294 Parasitology
Bio 344 Human Physiology
Bio 392 Plant Ecologoy
Bio 424 Restoration and Conservation Ecology (travel)
Bio 424 Wetland Ecology
Bio 426 Limnology

Student Opportunities

He is accepting undergraduate students who are willing and able to work many independent hours, apply themselves toward the tedious labor of insect retrieval and varying aspects of field work. In working with Dr. Campbell students can expect to develop important strengths in research techniques including enhancing one’s microscopy techniques and extending one’s organismal vocabulary. This research experience will offer the student independent study course credit and, potentially, funding (wages) if the research is during the summer research season.