Cindy Nimchuk


B.A., Latin, University of Calgary, 1989
B.A., Classical History & Archaeology, University of Calgary, 1990,
M.A., Classical Studies, University of Ottawa, 1991
Ph.D., Assyriology, University of Toronto, 2001

Teaching & Research Interests

Dr. Nimchuk teaches part-time in the History department. She comes to us most recently from the University of Illinois at Springfield, where she taught courses in Empire and Imperialism in the ancient Mediterranean World, Rome and its Provinces, ancient History and Modern Media, and historical methodology. Prior to joining UIS, Dr. Nimchuk held a post-doctoral teaching fellowship at Stanford University. Her research focus is the Achaemenid (Persian) empire (ca. 550 - 330 BCE), particularly the formative period of the empire. Her dissertation (under revision for publication) examines the conjunction of visual and verbal elements in the monuments of Daius I (r. 522 - 486 BCE), king of the Achaemenid Empire at national and international conferences. She has worked as a site supervisor for the archaeological excavations at Gordion, Turkey; this experience has only whet her appetite to seek out more of the ancient world.