Allison Ollinger-Riefstahl

Allison Ollinger-Riefstahl Ollinger-Riefstahl has been on the faculty at MNE since 2007. She earned her bachelor’s degree in history from Penn State Behrend in 1998 and completed her master's degree in history at Clemson University. She worked in the Advisement Center for the College of Arts, Architecture and Humanities at Clemson University from 2002-2003, and served as the administrator for the department of communication studies on an interim basis. In 2003 she took a position as an administrative assistant for the Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute and as office manager for the Office of Sponsored Research. She began teaching as an adjunct instructor in history at the Erie campus in 2006 before taking the full-time position as a history and political science instructor at MNE.