Why Mercyhurst Corry?

Corry Building
Mercyhurst Corry has served your community for more than 25 years. Initially started as a community outreach program, the campus has now served hundreds of students, many of which successfully completed the business administration associate degree program, and some of those continued on for their bachelor's degree. Whether you are a traditional high school student, a dislocated worker, or an adult looking for a career change, Mercyhurst Corry provides the opportunity for you to meet your lifelong goal of a college degree.

Get a quality education close to home.

  • A Mercyhurst education is well-recognized by community leaders, area employers, and experts from a wide variety of disciplines.
  • Mercyhurst is consistently selected by U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review for distinguished honors.

Finish what you started.

  • Maybe you've started a degree at another college, but couldn't finish for whatever reason (family, money, etc). By contacting your original college, you may find that credits you've earned will transfer to Mercyhurst Corry.

Save money.

  • Tuition at Mercyhurst Corry is 40 percent less than at the Erie campus, and students aren’t required to pay as much in fees as at other colleges.
  • With gas prices on the rise, you’ll save a lot by studying close to home.
  • Students are eligible for federal, state and Mercyhurst financial aid.
  • Graduates of Mercyhurst Corry wishing to continue at the Mercyhurst Erie campus can qualify for up to $10,000 in merit scholarships.

Save time.

  • Earn an associate degree in business administration in two years or transfer your credits to a four-year college to earn a bachelor’s degree. Credits earned at Mercyhurst Corry will transfer to virtually any four-year college or university, including the Mercyhurst College Erie campus.
  • Attending Mercyhurst Corry will save valuable commuting time, and the evening classes will allow you to meet the demands of a job or family.
  • Seniors at Corry Area High School can earn college credit by taking evening courses at Mercyhurst Corry. All credits will transfer to virtually any college or university, including the Mercyhurst College Erie campus.
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Cummings Gallery
Art Faculty Show

Dates: Aug 21-Sep 28, 2014

Location: Cummings Gallery

William Close and The Earth Harp Collective
William Close and The Earth Harp Collective

Dates: Sep 5

Location: Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center

Anais Mitchell
Anaïs Mitchell

Dates: Sep 30

Location: Erie Art Museum

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