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Pay your Bill

Payment Options

  1. Pay online using the electronic funds transfer option from a savings or checking account.
  2. Pay by credit card (American Express®, Master Card© and Discover® credit cards are accepted).*
  3. Pay by mail by printing your bill and paying the amount due by mail with a personal check or money order.


Pay Electronically and View Your Bill Online

You can view and pay your bill online through eBill, Mercyhurst's online bill presentment and payment website. Students can simply log into the portal at, click on the drop down "Services" menu, then choose "Student Financial Services". (Portal login information is provided to all students by Admissions upon enrollment).



Once on the ebill website, students are encouraged to provide parents with 'guest access' to the account. This way, parents will receive notification any time the bill changes and will be able to view and pay the bill online as well. Students can grant access to anyone who will be helping pay the bill.

Once students provide parents access, PARENTS CAN CLICK HERE to be taken to the ebill 'guest' login page.

All transactions will be managed by Tuition Management Services (TMS), which currently administers the university’s payment plan service. TMS is a subsidiary of KeyBank NA, and protects all personal information and transactions with the most current electronic security technologies.

*If making a credit card payment, a small convenience fee will be assessed. You will see the fee before your submit your information and you have the opportunity to opt out. 


Understanding Your Bill

Mercyhurst's eBilling system offers you and your family a safe means of receiving electronic account statements and secure methods of making web-based payments. You enjoy having 24/7 access to your account statements, as well as the ability to enroll your parents, grandparents, spouse, or any alternate payer to log into your eBill and make payments on your behalf. The web-based system itemizes tuition, fees and financial aid amounts on a secure website.
  • Automatic e-mail notification sent to you and your authorized users when new bills are issued.
  • Current and past billing statements will show tuition/fees along with your pending financial aid.
  • You can pay by electronic check or credit card. (Account information is encrypted for your security.)
  • Ability to review your new account activity.
  • Review previous bills and payment history online.



To access your eBill click here. Once logged in, click on the Services tab, then Student Financial Services. You will see the eBill link in the middle of the page.

You were sent login and password information to access your student portal via your Mercyhurst email. After logging onto the eBill system, the home screen will be displayed. It provides an overview of your student account. Included on the home screen is a link to your current account activity, summary information concerning your most recent bill, recent payments and financial aid.

You can click any of the links on the home page to be immediately presented with more detailed information. The system also includes tabbed navigation along the top of the page that can quickly guide a user to their desired information.

Your may register a parent, guardian, spouse, grandparent, employer or any authorized payer by clicking on the “My Profile” tab, then Shared Access. You are asked to confirm the authorized user’s email account. The authorized user then receives an e-mail notification from eBill. At no point do authorized users have access to your portal. They only see your eBills.

In the future, parents or guests who you have granted access, can access the eBill directly here.



Review transaction activity since the last statement by “clicking” on the underlined link. You may print any of the available statements.


The online payment process is started by clicking on the “Payments” tab along the top of the home page. During the payment process, you will be presented a statement amount and account balance. You may store payment methods used during the process. The payment/credit history section enables you and authorized users to review any payment or credit transaction posted on your student account.
You may select report parameters including all payments, credit card and/or check, payments made by authorized users, and payment by time period.
You can review your most recent bill by clicking on the “eBills” tab along the top of the home page. The screen provides you with your most recent billing statement, as well as the ability to view previous billing statements and new account activity.
Remittance slips can be printed for mail-in payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will all Mercyhurst students be able to use the online billing and payment system?

Yes, all Mercyhurst students who register for a class at any location will be able to use the online billing and payment system. This includes certificate, undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate and cross-registered students. Both domestic and international students are eligible.

Will I be required to view my bill and make my payment online?

Yes, you will need to access all billing updates via your eBill. No paper bill will be mailed. Notification of eBill changes are sent to your Mercyhurst email address. Notification will also be sent to any authorized users for which you provided email addresses.
You are not required to make payments online, but online payments are the quickest and most convenient method, either via electronic check transfer or credit card (a small convenience fee applies to credit card payment only).

Do I need to sign up for online billing or will I be automatically enrolled?

Registered students will automatically be enrolled to view your eBill. You can access your eBill anytime through your portal. Each time an eBill is sent, an email will be sent to your Mercyhurst email address as well as any authorized users for which you provided email addresses.

How can my parents get access to my eBill?

Once you have gained access to your eBill, you can grant shared access by clicking on the My Profile menu. Then click on Shared Access. Enter your authorized user's information, including their email address. They will also receive notification any time there is an update to your bill.
In accordance with the Federal Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), the student is the only person who can add an authorized user.

Will I still receive a paper copy of my term bill?

No. Paper bills will no longer be mailed. All new and updated bills will be sent via the eBill only. Therefore, it is important for you and your authorized users who you have granted access to watch your email carefully for billing update notices.

What if I don't notice the email notifying me about my eBill or the email gets lost?

Failure to check eBill availability is not valid grounds for waiving late-payment fees or registration, grade, diploma or transcript holds. If you have problems viewing your bill contact Student Financial Services.

Will my personal and financial information be secure?

Yes. All personal information and all transactions will be protected using the most current electronic security technologies.

Will my financial aid automatically appear on my bill?

Yes, all of your financial aid and other credits will appear on your term bill.

Will I be able to view past bills and payments online?

Yes, you will be able to view past bills as well as your payment history.

Will I be able to enroll in a balanced billing or other payment plan?

Yes, you will be given the option of enrolling in payment plans offered through Tuition Management Services, the current Mercyhurst vendor. You can access the website by clicking here:. A description of this service, as well as enrollment information, is also available on the Student Financial Services website.

Which credit/debit cards do you accept online? Will there be a fee?

Payments can be made online using an American Express, Mastercard or Discover credit card. (VISA credit cards will not be accepted because this company does not participate in the online payment system). Those who wish to make a payment using a credit card will be charged a convenience fee of approximately 2.99% of the payment amount. This fee reflects Mercyhurst’s actual cost for processing credit-card transactions. Mercyhurst does not make a profit through this convenience fee and receives no payment from any credit card company.

Can I use a check to pay my bill online? Will there be a fee?

Yes, you may use an electronic check to make your payments online. There is no fee for using an e-check.

I won't be getting bills in regular mail, should I still keep my mailing address current?

Definitely! Mercyhurst will still need to mail you important documents before and after you leave that can't be sent electronically such as refund checks, transcripts, and your diploma.

We hope you find your eBill experience easier, quicker, and more convenient than paper bills in the past. If you encounter any difficulties, please call the Office of Student Financial Services at (814) 824-2288 for Erie Campus and Graduate Programs or (814) 725-6265 for the North East, Corry, Booker T. Washington Center or West campuses; or simply email